Province is a community driven city building simulation game built on Avalanche. You can buy and develop land, build your own city, or play roles in the Province. The full land area of the Province is 184,666 km², but the areas opened for settlement will be based on the inflow of immigrants.
Map of full Provincial Territory


Province was once part of a much larger country that dissolved due to many political, economic, and societal factors. As the dissolution began, bandits began to use the area as a base to raid and pillage the northern neighboring country, which remained quite stable. Although the process of disintegration began, the country remained strong militarily and the neighboring country could not simply invade due to political reasons. Instead, both countries agreed that this area now constituted as Province would be an independent, sovereign unit and would act as a buffer between the two countries.


During the various conflicts during the dissolution of the government that formerly controlled this area, new weapons were used that had unforeseen consequences. One of these weapons created a geophysical anomaly in which time within the Province is 5x's faster than the rest of the world.
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