Step 1: Installing Metamask

To buy $maple, you first need to download the Metamask browser wallet. All you need to do is click the install button on this page:
After you click that button it will take you to your browsers app store page. There, simply tap “Add to (your browser)”.

Once the app is installed on your browser, tap “Get Started”:

Next, select “Create a Wallet”:

Step 2: Securing your wallet

Next, you’ll need to set a minimum 8 character password and agree to the apps T&C, once you’ve done that tap “create”. The next step is to secure your wallet, this step is extremely important as you can lose access to your wallet if you do not follow the steps correctly.
A 12 word secret phrase will be displayed on screen, you need to write these 12 words down in order from left to right and store them somewhere safe. It is best practice to store the words on a piece of paper rather than on your computer or mobile device.

Once you have your 12 word secret phrase written down and stored somewhere safe, tap “Next”.

You’ll now need to select your 12 words in order, to ensure you have written down correctly, then tap “confirm”.
Your Metamask wallet is now installed, however you still need to add the Avalanche mainnet, as the Ethereum mainnet is installed by default.

Step 3: Adding Avalanche to Metamask

To add Avalanche, simply click “Ethereum mainnet” up the top left and select “Add Network”:

Next you’ll need to add the following details:

Network Name: Avalanche Network
ChainID: 43114
Symbol: AVAX

Once you’ve entered the above details, tap “Save”:

Your wallet is now set up to use AVAX, the token needed to purchase $MAPLE.
Now you’ll need to add some AVAX to your wallet, you can purchase it on Coinbase by following this guide:
You can find your metamask wallets address for receiving AVAX by tapping “Account”, the address will automatically be copied to your clipboard:
Next, follow this guide on how to send your AVAX from your Coinbase account to your Metamask wallet:

Step 4: Buying $Maple on Trader Joe

Now that you have some AVAX in your metamask wallet, you are ready to purchase some $MAPLE on the Trader Joe exchange.
First, visit this URL to access the AVAX/MAPLE trading pair:
Select “Connect to a wallet”:
Select “Metamask”, tap “Next” and then “Connect”:
Now you’re ready to purchase some $MAPLE, simply enter the amount you want to purchase and tap “Swap”:
Tap “Confirm Swap”:
Your Metamask wallet will now pop up and you just need to select “Confirm”:

Step 5: Adding $Maple to Metamask

You’ve now successfully purchased $MAPLE. However, you still need to add the token to your metamask wallet to see it there, this is also a simple process:

Step 1: Open your Metamask wallet and select the "Assets" tab:

Step 2: Select "Import tokens"

Step 3: Paste the $Maple contract address into "Token contract address": 0x0795b0DA5AbA851E8D1f0C59771d602cAdB40D61

Step 4: Tap "Add custom Token" and then hit "Import custom Token"
You should now see your $MAPLE balance reflected under the Assets tab in your metamask Avalanche wallet.

How to Get Help

As always, please remember that no one will ever ask you for your secret recovery phrase or send you to a webpage that asks for your recovery phrase. We do not, have not, and will never have a webpage that asks for your recovery phrase.
If you need help, go to our discord channel and create a ticket, a team member would be more than happy to offer assistance.