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Clearing Land

This is a new feature. Please report any issues to the discord server
Clearing land allows you build on it and collect timber if there are any trees growing. You need to have access to a bulldozer to clear land by either owning one or leasing one from someone who has one.
Ensure that you have selected the correct address that owns the bulldozer in metamask. Otherwise, your bulldozer will not appear.
If you own a bulldozer, it will appear in the equipment tab. Click the Clear Land button to start.
Select the plot you want to clear and click deploy.
You should now see the status has changed to deployed. You can check on the map to see that the plot is being cleared.
The bulldozer will continue clearing until the plot has been cleared. The description explains how long this will take. Keep in mind this in Provincial time.
Soon, a progress bar will be added that will show the progress.