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Lease Bulldozer

If you own a Bulldozer and you are not using it to clear Land, you can lease it out to other players who do not own one.

Step 1: Navigate to the Equipment tab

Step 2: Tap the Lease button

Step 3: Set the Pricing Model

Set the sale type to Lease and select your pricing model, you can lease via a fixed price or auction. The process is almost the same for both except you set a price for a fixed price leasing.

Step 4: Set the start time and length of your sale or auction

You can choose when to start your sale/auction, you can start now or schedule it to start over any of the next 7 days. You must also set how long you want the sale/auction to last, the minimum length is 1 day and the maximum length is 30 days

Step 5: Set the length of time you want the leasing to last

Set the amount of in game months you want the leasing to last, time within the Province is 5x's faster than the real world.

Step 6: Set the price

You must now set the price you want to lease your Bulldozer for, if you are leasing via auction you can skip this step.

Step 7: Tap the green List button

Tap the green list button and wait for your Metamask wallet to pop up

Step 8: Tap the blue sign button

Once your Metamask wallet pops up, tap the blue sign button and wait for the transaction to confirm
Your Bulldozer leasing is now listed for sale/auction, you can view the listing in the "Sales" tab.
If you need help, go to our discord channel and create a ticket, a team member would be more than happy to offer assistance.