Sell Bulldozer

Please note that Province is in Early Access, some features are experimental. If you discover any issues, please report them to our team via Discord or Twitter.

Step 1: Navigate to the Equipment tab

Step 2: Tap the "Sell" button

Step 3: Set sale type

Set the sale type to Sell. You can sell your Bulldozer for a fixed price or via auction, the process is almost the same for both except you set a price for a fixed price sale.

Step 4: Set the start time and length of your sale or auction

You can choose when to start your sale/auction, you can start now or schedule it to start over any of the next 7 days. You must also set how long you want the sale/auction to last, the minimum length is 1 day and the maximum length is 30 days.

Step 5: Set the Price

You must now set the price you want to sell your Bulldozer for, if you are selling via auction you can skip this step.

Step 6: Tap the green List button

Tap the green List button and wait for your Metamask wallet to pop up

Step 7: Tap the blue Sign button

Tap the blue sign button on your metamask wallet and wait for the transaction to confirm
Your Bulldozer is now listed for sale/auction, you can view the listing in the "Sales" tab.
If you need help, go to our discord channel and create a ticket, a team member would be more than happy to offer assistance.