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The equipment domain covers primarily movable assets such as bulldozers.

Equipment Data Model

timestamp (int): unix epoch timestamp when the record was entered. *All timestamps must be in milliseconds* object (string): [bulldozer]. Other types will be added in the future. mode (string): an object may have multiple models with different attributes. the describes which specific model the record represents.
owner (string - EVM address) - 42-character hexadecimal address of the owner of the equipment. status (string) - ["created", "idle", "deployed] - current state of the bulldozer. State Descriptions: "created": when an object is created. "idle": an object not currently engaged in its primary task. After being created, new objects should go into idle immediately afterwards. "deployed": the owner has issued a command for the object to begin performing its primary task. For example, deploying a bulldozer means the owner has started using it to clear land.
img_url (string-url): an image url reference linking an image to the object. Mainly used for the front-end.
description (string): text description of the equipment item for the front-end. Should be the same for objects in the same model + object.
serial (int): this is the key for object and must be unique across all objects.



"created" - The initial state when a bulldozer is created. Should immediately change to "idle" afterwards.
"idle" - A bulldozer is not engaged in a task and can be deployed.
"deployed" - The bulldozer is engaged in clearing a plot of land. A 1 kilometer square plot of land takes 90 days (Provincial time) to clear. After clearing, the state changes back to "idle", and the bulldozer is ready to be deployed again. The plot owner's account should also be increase by 90 tons of timber.